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-30min Massage W/ French Treatment 150

-60min Massage W/ French Treatment 200


- 1hr GFE Indulgence 300

- 1.5hr GFE Indulgence 400

- 3hr GFE Indulgence 800

Additional hours are available for GFE sessions. Contact me for more information.



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The art of pleasure – erotic massage

The busy lifestyle of a modern man asks for a reliable method to ease the pressure fast and easy. Most guys choose body therapies on a daily basis to get a stress relief. However, few of them know that the best way to overcome their hardships is an erotic massage from a professional escort Paris. This practice acts as a wellness therapy and a safe way to obtain unspeakable pleasure from a sexy, beautiful woman. If you are willing to try the services of a paid companion, do not exclude erotic manipulation from their generous offer.

Why massages are so popular

The importance of body manipulation has been appreciated in various parts of the world since the ancient times. Massages increase our health by forcing the inner tissues to eliminate toxins and waste. Over time, several techniques have been added to increase the benefits of this practice. One of them includes erotic movements exercised by professional escorts, who develop their skills of pleasuring a man through continuous practice.

How erotic manipulation helps

The introduction of erotic manipulations to body therapies dates back to Ancient China. At that time the richest men would pay more money to their escorts for an extra service. Although this practice is still offered today by many massage parlors across the globe, a guy does not have to be extremely wealthy to afford it. Through erotic movements, hot beautiful women can relief the stress of any man with a satisfying happy-ending

Erotic couple therapies

Erotic massages can be enjoyed with a partner as well. Couple therapies are quite popular and have been proven to cure relationship crises. If you and your girlfriend are going through a rough time you can approach a massage parlor that offers these services. Here, you can spend full hours of satisfaction in the company of a professional escort Paris from, who will treat your insecurities in a sensual manner.

Why escorts offer pleasure massages

Most paid companions have a rich arsenal of services that they use to please their clients. The ones who are most appreciated are the models that can offer a high-class erotic massage. An escort Paris that achieves mastery in this art ends up gaining more money for body manipulation than for any other skill. Some men go as far as to date a sexy companion from 6annonce only for this particular service. This is why most of these hot women convert to erotic masseuses once their career reaches the end.

From therapy to art

Most escorts start practicing erotic massages at an early age. The girls that have a predisposition for this art of pleasure quickly climb the ladder of success in this business. Other hot companions fail to overcome their condition and simply revert to dating their clients without offering body manipulation as a special service. The main reason for their shortcoming is their inability to combine erotic, sensual moves with body-healing therapies. This small detail makes the difference between dating an experienced model and a low-quality companion.